Every so often, the American Psychological Association invites me to become a member, even though I am a sociologist. I find myself unable to do so for a variety of reasons. One such is the APA’s “Apology to People of Color,” published today. I’d agree with them that many American…

I’m a patriotic American but I really enjoyed that. The same populist mentality that’s wrecking Britain could wreck us here.

Pro-Trans is indeed showing itself to be the lunatic fringe of the cultural left. The idea of a man being able to exhibit his wiener in a woman’s spa is so outrageous, that it takes a special kind of idiocy to fire up these fools to the degree needed. Bunch of cowardly kids attacking nerdy Christians, knocking them down and kicking them. Their assaulting people doesn’t bode well. Note the use of a skateboard as a weapon as in Kenosha.

Western astrology dates from Babylon and the Greeks, and is tropical (Zodiac organized around the vernal equinox.) Indian astrology is siderial (Zodiac organized around the constellations.) Siderial astrology in the west is positivist-- sort of implies that "rays" come from the skies and influence us. Tropical astrology is Jungian-- it depends on correspondences , synchronicity, and the like. As an astrologer, I find that it's much more accurate than the Meyers-Briggs type analysis, say. There's nothing racist or culturally appropriative about Western Astrology. It has nothing to do with white women in particular., and can be useful to anyone. I don't agree.

Kate was giving the service she wanted to give, not what the client was paying her for. I think normal sex works that way too. Maybe I should say any kind of sex, instead.

Many people, often men, just do what they think it's all about. For good sex, you have to intuit what the other person wants (or will respond to.) Most of us have a powerful capacity to be psychic this way, but it entails listening to the other person's energy.

Shame at anything is the cancer of our age.

Seriously, the nice thing about having had white male working class socialization is that there's no way for people like me to buy into the current posturing white masochism. I just scratch my head. If you want to know why idiots support fascists like Trump, look no further. People like you are the reason.

Hank Vandenburgh

Retired Sociology professor. Critic. Writer. Gun hobbyist. Veteran. More left than right. Anti-PC.

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